Five Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas


– by Emma North

You never seem to forget Mother’s Day but most years Father’s Day can just sneak up on you! All dads are different and luckily the Richmond Arts District has something for your dad no matter what his age, taste or style is.

  1. For the stylish dad,

A dress shirt from Ledbury is the perfect gift for any stylish father. If your dad is the kind of man that dresses even nicer than you do or at the very least always matches his outfits for work then a masterfully crafted Ledbury shirt may be the perfect gift for him. Ledbury’s location in Richmond carries their high quality dress shirts but if dress shirts aren’t for his thing then some shorts or a linen shirt from their summer collection would be the perfect gift too.


2.  For the dad who is always hungry,

Max’s on Broad has an amazing selection of french cuisine and their steaks are perfect for a Father’s Day dinner. A gift-card or reservation to Max’s on Broad is a gift to the whole family, no one has to cook and everyone gets to eat something delicious. Max’s on Broad serves a delicious Filet Mignon and if you still want steak but don’t want to miss out on eating some french fries, Max’s also offers Steak Frites which is an 8 oz. New York Strip served with wilted greens and frites.


3. For the book loving dad,

Give the father in your life an excuse to relax with a new book this Father’s Day. Never Enough Books opened in February this year and they have a wide collection of used books to choose from. The bookstore is organized by genre and then sorted alphabetically making it super easy to pick out a good book. They can spend the day Sunday relaxing with a good book or at least have a book in store for a rainy day.


4. For the drama loving dad,

Whether or not your dad has seen the 1978 film version, with Diana Ross and Micheal Jackson, the November Theatre’s production of The Wiz will be a treat. Based on L. Frank Baum’s novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Wiz combines this classic tale with R&B, soul, and pop music. The show previews on June 19th and June 20th but you can buy tickets for any date now!


5. For the hipster dad,

If you know a dad who loves craft beer, fancy snacks, bar tools, decanters, and more a quick stop into Saison Market may be all you need. Saison Market sells a wide variety of craft beers as well as fun tools and gifts to stock your bar with. For a simple dad who appreciates the sweeter things in life, you can also grab a chocolate bar or two for them on your way out.  

Liz Kincaid