A Good Day with your Good Dog in the Richmond Arts District


By: Emma North

If you have a dog, you are familiar with the devastated look they give you every time you leave the house without them. Unfortunately you can’t always take your dog everywhere with you but when you can you want to make sure they are happy and comfortable. Try bringing your dog to the Arts District for a day full of fun for both of you. The Arts District has everything your dog could want; places to walk, savory snacks, places to go to the bathroom, and a comfy bed to curl up in. There are also plenty of things on this list you could do without a dog or maybe now is the time to go rescue a companion  for all of your Arts District adventures.


Spend a night at the Quirk Hotel: The Quirk is dog friendly as long as your furry friend is under 70 pounds. With pink water bowls out front and dog statue decorations as you walk in, there is no doubt your pup belongs there. Spend the night treating yourself and your pup to this unique boutique hotel experience. 

Go for a walk: Take a stroll around the Arts District with your pet, we recommend a leash just for safety and ease but regardless of what kind of pet you have you can enjoy the sights of downtown and go use nearby parks. Abner Clay Park located in the Jackson Ward Neighborhood at the corner of West Clay Street and Brook Road has a big open field for your pet to explore. 

Go out to eat: With plenty of patio seating options you can go out to eat and bring your dog along with you. Places like Max’s on Broad, Secret Sandwich Society and Saison Market have outdoor dining so you don’t have to leave your dog at home when you don’t feel like cooking. 


Explore the Capitol: Dogs can’t enter any of the buildings at the capitol but as long as they are kept on leash and cleaned up after you can bring your pet to explore the Capitol’s beautiful rolling green space. According to the National Park Service, the Capitol Square Grounds are open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.  

Get them a treat: There aren’t any pet stores in the Arts District but certain human foods make an acceptable treat on occasion. Stop into a local restaurant and grab them a piece of salmon, chicken or maybe even a couple veggies like carrots or green beans to munch on. Perly’s Delicatessen Restaurant has a selection of freshly sliced meats and cheese at their deli that would make any dog or human drool.